★ ★ ★ NEWS 4.4.2020 ★ ★ ★

Hello and welcome to the April news

Hello friends.

At the moment a topic is determining our everyday life, which we unfortunately cannot avoid, I only hope the thing with the Covid 19 will soon come to an end.

here is the newsletter in April, I rewrote the song of the new title a little bit, it should only be a thoughtful song, now I'm going to make it more beautiful, I think it's all difficult enough in life and I want to spread a good mood with good feelings .

the new song will be called "In My Mind"
So far I have used the time to complete my website.

There are now two new websites of mine, which I created myself, the "Exciting Valence Studio" about services I offer and the

The Exciting Valence Shop

Here you can find all "EV" CD's (and soon also downloads), for the first time in the program the chic EV T-Shirt.

A small product range is already represented ;-)

My new album will be available here soon. The titles for this are being edited by me and are being given a final touch.

For all musicians among you, or those who want to become one or have technical questions
"The EV Studio" 

Finally there is a video for "Make My Day" made by DJ Yella, which has had 45,000 views since March 11th, which makes me particularly happy.

Have fun, I wish you a nice spring start and stay healthy.

until the next newsletter ;-) David

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