★ ★ ★ NEWS 22.05.2020 ★ ★ ★

Hallo Freunde.

I am now happy to present my new album "Tea for Two" To buy the CD you will get a link under which you can download the album. The CD has the same price as the download (only on the EV Shop / website)! As usual you can find the CD & Download in the Bandcamp Portal.

TEA FOR TWO 14 Track Album

(CD-R Album in Cardsleeve, shipping worldwide)

Somewhere in my Mind

Somewhere in my Mind (extended)

Tea for Two

It's my Life

It's my Life (italo)

It's my Life (club)

Make my Day

Make my Day (extended)


Stars (extended)

Stars (space)

Here I Am

Here I Am (extended 80s style)

Here I Am (club)

+1,45 € Shipping
(no coasts for more CD´s)

"Somewhere in My Mind - Tea for Two"

I hope you enjoy the new songs. The table and the teapot are not included :-) The disc was completely made by myself. It is a CD-R, the graphics were made by me and the CD was coated in a separate process.

I think such a quality is not possible in mass production. The CDs were not pressed either, but each one was burned from the original specification. I spent a lot of time refining the sound and experimented a lot with analog studio technology.

Each disc is an original from "Exciting Valence" ;-) I wish you a nice summer, have fun with "Tea for Two"

until the next newsletter!


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