★ ★ ★ NEWS 8. März 2020 ★ ★ ★

Hello and welcome to the March news

It takes a while for my new song, some things just have to grow, you can't force a lot, but I can say for that. that the wait is really worth it, I think the new track will be a special work!

I bought the analog reissue of the well-known "Mini Moog" synthesizer especially for the main lead voice of the new track. I also completely changed the studio setup, this takes more time than arranging the song itself.

Here is the podcast from Whit Lion Radio for all "Synthpop" friends an interesting show with many great tracks and Exciting Valence with "Make My Day" also on board ★ great ;-)
I wish you a nice weekend! Greetings David

White Lion Radio


Here I Am (extended Version)
It´s my Life + Italo Disco Version
Stars + long Version
Make my Day (2 Versiones) + (new) - spezial Version
The New Tack ( ? ) unknown in 2-3 Versions