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The Best of Album

It's almost time now, two more weeks and the "Best of CD Album" is available. The disc is as you can see already finished and shines in a chic silver look. This comes finally in a metal box which is being processed.


The CD will be ordered for the first time via an online form also by bank transfer (advance payment) and internationally. All versions of the album have been completely reworked by me, some completely re-arranged and I think the result can be seen and heard, a total of 16 songs are on it. Incidentally.


Release Event 6. October


On Saturday the 6th of October there will be a release event for the CD release in local.

Live CD performance "The Best of Exciting Valence" Exciting Valence - music in the synth pop style of the 1980s,You are very welcome to this special local event in addition to many invited guests. If you want to be part of this EV highlight, just write via the contact form. I then give more details & information. Of course the CD is also available this evening. ;-)

Greetings David!



The Best of CD Album Version of "Electric Radio"

exclusiv in the "White Lion Radio" Show with many

other nice Tracks ... hear it ... it is - Synth Pop !

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Exciting Valence

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"Desire" Album No.2 mit 15 Tracks.The "Revival Synth Album" of the Year 2014 (UK)

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CDAlbum of "Exciting Valence" 2015

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