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Welcome to the newsletter in September,

Today is my new Download Single Collection.

1. 80Summer 02:40
2. Human Company 04:41
3. Once Upon A Time 04:00
4. Memory 04:23
5. My Reality 04:30
6. Electric Radio 04:44
7. The Sky Is Never Blue 04:25
8. Land Of Tomorrow 04:15
9. Lies On Command 04:22
10.A True Story 03:42
11.Summertime 04:04
12.Life 04:08

The new CD album will be released in 2018. On this will be many new titles and completely reworked. I am constantly busy with it. It will be a strong and I think my best work, like any CD ;-). , ,

You can be really curious if I do not post so much in social media platforms it just means that I just make a lot, thank God there is still my newsletter and yet a handsome number of readers ... thank you!

The current songs become not be available in full length or as a download, these will only be released with the CD. Also the name of the CD is already,

but it is still Top Secret.

I'm currently working on the trailer for the CD, which gets a great look, by the way, have I already said that the CD will be the hammer? ;-)

I will give a bit more of myself and my work also photographically, even if I am afraid of the limelight,

I find somehow always something narcissistic ... wanted to make only a bit of music.

maybe I also makes a few Videos in which I say something ... maybe say "Hello" or something like this :-)

I wish you a nice Sunday, soon, David

and do not forget ...

"The Singles Collection"! (7.00 € VAT included)

Next the new track for the upcoming album
"We call it Love" ... stay tuned


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