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It's My Life & Here I Am

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Album Info

  • Artist:Exciting Valence
  • Release Date:17 Februar, 2019
  • Genre:Synthpop, Italo Disco
  • Produced by: DR Studio


Songtext / Lyrics

What all comes in my Life, adventures for me everyday. And what a nonsense can i make to be the hero of the day.

I make what i want and say what i think, the price is always to high and the voice in my head wisper to me everything else would not right and i should not lie.

My Life is all what i make what i want, sometimes the luck is on my side. My Time, want action in all what i do somewhow to feel what is life.

It's my Life ... the dark is not my nature

It's my Life ... i cannot swimm with the stream

It's my Life it is a line it's the Life and it is mine

It' s the Life the only one , is the way without return .

It's My Life - Exciting Valence


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